Earthways Shamanic Path

“Find the Magic in your land” … 

The Earthways Shamanic Path is an Earth-based spiritual path. This Path is based in Southwest Florida yet can be practiced all around the world.
In this Path,

1. We study the Seasons as they unfold where we live. We learn what those Seasons are, their physical-environmental aspects, their spiritual aspects and what they mean, and how to celebrate them.  We study local plants and animals to learn about their cycles and habitats.

2. We approach the world through a shamanic perspective. We drum and meditate to achieve altered states. We go on shamanic journeys. We communicate with spirits and guides. We do this to help ourselves, or to help other people or other beings. We advocate the achievement of altered states of reality through meditation, drumming and dancing, as well as through exploring nature, for greater self-awareness.

3. We believe that Shamanism is an ancient earth-based spiritual practice with modern applications. The Earthways Shamanic Path is based upon core shamanism. Our philosophy is that people are drawn to Shamanism, if they are meant to learn more about it. Each person is responsible for learning what they need to, for their personal growth. We recognize that you can be Shaman and Wiccan, or Shaman and Druid, or other combinations. But for us, we are Shaman, and this is our Path.

4. We say, “Share your peace with our Mother Earth, Father Sky, and The Big Water.”